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Communicating health is our mission.

We already do it with doctors, pharmacists, healthcare workers, companies and institutions.

Protagonists' voices, law analysis and interpretation, and the assessment of possible scenarios and opportunities in our healthcare system.

From the viewpoint of those who work every day in the healthcare system.
Health Communication was founded by an experienced team of professionals coming from the health and medical-science information fields, with different backgrounds in communication.

Health Communication is present in the sector of information dedicated to the fields of medicine and healthcare, with the aim of offering a complete range of publishing services – from trade journals to web media – and is partner to the most important institutions and professional associations in the healthcare sector.

Health Communication is made up of professional journalists, graphic designers, and multimedia communication managers; in addition to a qualified commercial network dedicated to the creation of innovative partnerships between the world of healthcare and the most qualified companies in the bio-medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Health Communication along with its many trade journals, also realizes several initiatives in the field of graphic-publishing, including:
- the publication of reports (such as the annual Ceis-Tor Vergata Report),
- books, volumes and pamphlets;
- the organization of materials for events such as press offices, seminars, conventions and congresses;
- the creation of tools for corporate communication
and corporate design.



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